Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do I need an Architect?

When building a new house or simply adding on an extra bedroom, you have a couple options. You can hire only a builder (or contractor) to do the work, or you can hire an architect to design and coordinate the entire process. When hiring a builder, you would likely pick details and plans from a prearranged list of options. In many cases this will result in a perfectly fine home. Hiring an architect provides you with a much deeper level of customization geared solely towards you and your family’s needs. Do you need a covered outdoor space to entertain? Do you enjoy waking up with the morning sun? Do you want an extra large bedroom for the twins? An architect’s job is to collaborate with you and translate these needs into a design for your house. He or she then follows through with the design and acts as your representative during construction, ensuring that everything is built to the highest standards. It is true that not everyone needs an architect, but if you dream of a house that will make a statement about yourself or perfectly suits you and your family’s habits and favorite activities, then an architect is the best person to help you accomplish those goals.


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