Thursday, December 6, 2012

Building Dreams

As many of you know, the last two years of my life has been spent pursuing a dream of revitalizing downtown Augusta through the creation of a very broadly encompassing coworking space, inventor’s workshop, education center, and think tank. I have met many talented and generous people in Augusta along the way. Together with the help of a great many contributors from our community, we are making that dream a reality at
What is the Member Value Proposition?
Let’s face it, your achievements in life are the product of your talent or skill, your willingness to work, and the people you know. provides education and fellowship meant to improve yourself. provides space and equipment to use so that you can work more efficiently and on things that would be difficult to do otherwise. is full of people who want to know you and help you succeed.
For adults and professionals, $100 per month gains you full membership in Become a student of something new, help others learn from your expertise, collaborate and change the world!
If you would like a dedicated space at just email us at
College and High School Students, Seniors, and Veterans can join for $50/month with free day use access, as well as classes, and member events.
How can help your local community?
Starting with our 15th member, every 5 members we get, we can fund to deploy one lighthouse beacon from Hack for Education. That neighborhood will be chosen by the new members who are responsible for that beacon.
This will allow us to self fund our project and promote goodwill in the community. The people on this email list are the first 12 members. We need 3 more and we can do this.
This will also mean that after the initial beacon is installed, each additional beacon will allow both us and our partnering non-profit to support another neighborhood, as well as provide an $400 additional per month to fund operations and promising member projects at
At, we don't invest in companies, we invest in the future of our community.
Looking forward to seeing you and your friends at our first /openhouse this December 7th during First Friday at on 816 Broad St., Augusta, GA, by the Common. Until then, visit online at