Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Innovate?

Innovation is the result of curiosity, knowledge, and understanding. Can we figure out how to do something new, or better than it was done before? Can we continue to grow and become better as we move forward? If innovation is not pursued then we must admit that we are no longer progressing, that our best days have already been seen.

I've always been bothered by the phrase, "Don't reinvent the wheel." Is the wheel really that perfect? Over time it's continually been improved. Spokes and tires have been added to improve performance and durability. However, a wheel still only follows one vector on its own so steering wheels have been attached to allow turning. Should we abandon wheels altogether? A sphere could turn in any direction if we could just figure out how to balance a load on it while controlling its movement. Wheels themselves serve merely to hold us to the ground when perhaps we should fly.

Everyday we make the future. Why not make it better?

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