Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Creating a premiere rowing destination in Aiken, SC

Over the last few years, we've done much to grow in our specialty field of creating environments to support innovation and collaborative work processes. Our current project on the boards offers a refreshing change of pace that is taking us back to some of our analogous architectural roots. In meeting with Aiken County Parks, Recreation, and Tourism we found, with our partners Toole Engineering, a nearly perfect body of water and a local managing authority that aspires to benefit its surrounding community by improving access and creating a design that expressed their aspirations to truly become the world's next great rowing destination.

(Langley Pond Finish Line Tower)

Our conceptual designs are meant to compliment the natural beauty of Langley Pond while evoking both a sense of permanence and forward looking aspiration fitting for the oldest nationally governed sport in America. Drawing on boating sports themselves, the building forms, while still traditional create views that hint strongly at modernism and beyond.

(Langley Pond Boathouse)

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